We asked the campus health centre how we can avoid freshers’ flu

The freshers are coming, don’t let them infect you

 Desperate to avoid a couple of shitty weeks of ill health, we called the campus health centre to try and get some tips for avoiding freshers flu.

It turns out there isn’t actually much you can do realistically to avoid it, which if we’re being honest isn’t great news. So with that in mind, here’s the rest of the advice we were given. Take it or leave it, it probably won’t help anyway.

Lock yourself away

Surprise, surprise: one way to avoid the flu is to stay away from those unfortunate enough to have fallen victim to it already. Exchange as few bodily fluids as social pressure and your libido will allow. Avoid using the “communal” glasses used for drinking games early on, sharing stuff in general and, if you’re really desperate, contact with anyone altogether.

Ditch the fast food

Eating healthily makes you healthier, who knew? They suggested to eat your five a day, wholemeal pasta and bread (even though it tastes worse) and cut down on the 3am kebabs. Also drink lots of fluids. That’s not a free-pass to get off your head, put down the beer and get some orange juice.

That’s more like it

Control the booze

We all knew it was coming. Cutting down on alcohol will obviously make you healthier, but that’s a bit dull or alienating for most students so use orange juice as a mixer – it might help a bit.

Bye bye beer, hello vitamins


Lack of sleep weakens your immune system, so rest more or maintain a regular sleeping pattern. Leave the club early to get a good night’s rest (like a loser), nap the next day or save time and power nap in the toilets.

Run it off

Exercise boosts the immune system so going to all of those random free sports sessions in freshers could help you avoid getting ill.

Catch it, bin it, kill it

Maintaining a general high level of hygiene is a sure fire way to keep away any sort of illness, so wash your hands and throw away mank used tissues straight away.

He needs to clean his shit up

He needs to clean his shit up