It’s taken forever, but the campus renovations are finally finished

No more nightmare U1 bus journeys

Galaxies have have been born, suns erupted and Matthew McConaughey has learnt that love transcends all. It has taken a cosmic amount of time for the renovations on campus to be completed, but finally they are done. Yes, they’ve finished.

The builders are on campus no more. Renovations to the campus have been successfully completed before the new academic year begins, meaning we avoid another year of disrupted travel.

To decide whether it’s worth it, you have to compare the value of getting to seminars on time, crowding outside the sports centre and fighting towards the bus entrance with hordes of pissed off students to the aesthetic value of our campus, which, in truth, used to be fuck all.

Take a sneak peek below at our new campus roads.

*Disclaimer – the Humanities building is still there.

Campus 10
Campus 9
Campus 8
Campus 7
Campus 6
Campus 5
Campus 4
Campus 3
Campus 2
Campus 1