Hodor is coming back to Warwick for freshers’ fortnight

It’s yet another hugely disappointing freshers’ line-up

Larger-than-life Kristian Nairn – better known as Hodor, from Game of Thrones – is returning to Warwick to DJ at this year’s Freshers Fortnight.

The actor and DJ also performed his “Rave of Thrones” show on campus last year.

Kristian is arguably the biggest name on this year’s line-up, which as usual is a mixed bag. Given Warwick SU’s poor track record in attracting high-profile acts to our uni, it’s unsurprising one of the biggest names is better known for his acting rather than his music.

Having trudged his way from the frozen wastelands of the North, Kristian Nairn, better known as Hodor, from Game of Thrones, will be found in the slightly less daunting environment of the Warwick SU, going in hard with a satisfying blend of progressive house and more commercial hits.


Must be a nice change from carrying Bran everywhere

In fairness, Kristian has a pretty serious musical pedigree, having performed alongside the likes of Scissor Sisters, Mylo, Calvin Harris and Alphabeat.

Third year Josh Perks saw Kristian perform at Warwick last year. He said: “At six foot 11, Hodor had incredible stage presence and had a bit of a laugh with the crowd. It was an absolutely incredible night and the set was sick.”

Also appearing in Freshers’ Fortnight are Mallory Knox, a five-piece alternative rock band from Cambridge.

Ever-popular fresher night Avalanche have joined forces with Friend Within, who is perhaps best known for the seriously catchy tune The Renegade. He has been touring relentlessly and hopefully the months on the road honing his skills will ensure a great night for the new Warwick intake.


Ready for another big night out everyone?

Freshers had the option of buying tickets for individual events or forking out £58 for the Freshers Pass which covers all events in The Copper Rooms over the two weeks. True big-spenders are likely to have splashed £200 on a Platinum Pass which provides access to all SU events over the coming year.

Given the high costs, many freshers have already taken to social media to complain about the inefficient payment system and low-quality line-up. Some have said they were unable to complete their transaction when they attempted to buy tickets.

It’s not all gloom and doom though. Incoming fresher James said: “To be honest, I know basically none of the acts performing, but it’s Freshers. I’ll get trashed, and I’m sure by the end of the night I’ll be raving with the most die-hard Friend Within fan out there…whoever that is.”