Emergency services rushed to campus after chemical leak

We’re fifth best in the UK for Chemistry, honest

Panic struck Warwick campus last night after a red gas was spotted leaking from a cupboard in the Chemistry department.

Firefighters and ambulance staff rushed to campus in protective chemical suits to handle the leak, which was first reported at around 9pm.


Emergency services responded quickly to the acid leak (Credit: WMASHART)

The situation took five hours to resolve, with crews from Coventry and Solihull – including the Hazardous Area Response Team – working into the night to get the situation under control.

fire truck

Fire and ambulance crew were there until 2am (Credit: WMASHART)


The uni’s head of communications Peter Dunn told Coventry Telegraph: “The incident was caused by an acid spill in a cupboard of the chemistry building. There was nobody there at the time.

“It triggered some sensors and the fire service came out and dealt with it. It has all been cleaned up and the building is back to normal.”

Nobody was harmed in the incident, but you might want to make sure you don’t forget your gas mask when you come back to campus.