The freshers are coming and their Twitter game is superb

A-Level results day had everyone tweeting about their new uni

Cast your minds back to your A-Level results day. You’d been through a nervous couple of days but were ultimately relieved and excited about getting into Warwick (unless you’re an Oxbridge reject, of course). Well it seems this year’s intake are no different, and they took to Twitter on the big day to both celebrate and ponder upon what life at Warwick University would be like. Enjoy.

Priorities spot on here

Nothing about this is normal

Yeah, that’s the reason

What a shame this joker isn’t joining us

You knew what you were doing, don’t pretend

Obviously never been to Pop

Calling yourself a brainbox, really?

‘Thought I’d come along, check the place out. Just in case, worst comes to worst and I end up at Warwick’

It’s here forever

Maths and Stats does have a ‘dungeon’ feel to it

A flatmate of mine once boasted about getting a detention at school. This is far too accurate

I for one am looking forward to welcoming this merry crowd to Warwick next term.