Terrific twin sisters both off to Warwick after brilliant A-Level results

Double trouble

High-flying twin sisters are set to begin life at Warwick University next month after achieving top results in their A-Levels.

Beth and Amy Kynman, from High Green, Sheffield, were awarded with 5 A*s and 3 As between them, just some of the many strong results received at Thomas Rotherham College.

Future BNOCs: Amy (left) and Beth Kynman are both heading to Warwick this year

Future BNOCs: Amy (left) and Beth Kynman are both heading to Warwick this year

Beth received 4 A*s in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry and will be studying Maths at Warwick, while Amy achieved 1 A* and 3 As, and will read Chemistry.

Speaking to the Sheffield Star, Beth said: “I was a little bit surprised with my results and really pleased.”

With the overall number of A*s and As falling for the fourth year in a row, the terrific twosome’s results are especially impressive.

Despite their acceptance onto some of Warwick’s most competitive courses, with Maths in particular requiring two A*s, career plans are at the back of their minds. Beth said she isn’t sure about what job to pursue following university, but is considering life as an academic.


Dr Richard Williams, the headteacher of Thomas Rotherham College also spoke of his pride, claiming he was delighted with the outstanding sisters’ results, along with the rest of his institution, where the A-Level pass rate rose to 98 per cent.

Beth isn’t the only talented twin studying in Warwick’s Maths department this year. Hampshire-born Samuel Dell is also on his way after achieving 5 A*s, while his twin brother has been awarded a place studying Geography at Cambridge University.