Warwick BNOC of the Year: Round 3

They’re more popular than you’ll ever be

It’s the final round of Warwick’s quest to find the ultimate BNOC. If you don’t know these fine folk you should probably make some friends.

James Richards

Known by many as the biggest lad in the whole of Warwick, James’ conquests are known throughout uni. Myths persist around the man known by many as Lamo.

The undisputed King of Hip Hop at the university of Warwick, he can often been seen cutting shapes and spinning disks at events he calls “shubz”. The picture sums him up perfectly. If you meet him you will be lucky to be his friend.

James Richards

James with his many women

Joseph DJ

The one and only. His start-up company Urban Roost is famed for housing the populations of the whole of Warwick, Leamington, Kenilworth and all areas in the near vicinity.

Current President of the Jewish Society, after a spurring speech ending in a standing ovation. Joseph is also known as a passionate human rights activist after his call for the inclusion of a Hong Kong Secretary within the economics society. Watch his LinkedIn and watch your girl.

Joseph Djangoli

Huntin down #1 spot

Nick Weln Mason

After making a literal splash in freshers by defecating himself, Nick Weln Mason has now settled down to become a self-proclaimed businessman, making over £60,000 a year from his business MobileCity. Moreover, his very own arts dealership, ICAP internship and poker skills put him in the triple figures of profit.

A certified baller, one day on the poker table he will be down a couple of thousand and the next he will be rolling in the double figures. It is thus that many have called him Warwick’s very own Christian Grey.

He is also the leader of an elusive cult at Warwick known only by the two letters: OC. Always looking on point, Nick never leaves the house without adjusting the fringe on his receding hairline. His excuse?

“Warren Buffett, Leon Charney and Nick Weln Mason all have receding hairlines. It is a sign of intelligence and power.”

Nick Weln Mason

They see him ballin’, he shittin