Club night of the year nomination: Bubbleluv Mondays

Rock the Kasbah

If you’re a clubber with any sort of sense, your week will start off with Bubbleluv at Kasbah. 80p spirits, free face paint, BBQ food in the smoking area, corner shop inside the club and sweets in the bathroom – what more could you want?

Although you run the risk of being forced to associate with Cov students, Kasbah gives you way more than your standard club experience.


With the huge main room of RnB and pop music, you can still have that crushing mass dance feel, with everyone piling on top of one another. The surrounding balconies with booths allow some respite from the madness and don’t even need to be pre-booked.

For the more chilled Kasbah-goer, the so-called Rock room to the side is smaller, yet often emptier, and it even has its own bar. Although not necessarily playing rock music, classics like Two Door Cinema and Artic Monkeys lead the party, creating more of a heartfelt group singalong atmosphere than the crazy moshing from next-door.


And if these two options somehow don’t tempt you Kasbah has an eclectic range of guest acts, from unknown local bands, to the Chuckle Brothers, to the “you want some, I’ll give it you” internet guy, and even high fliers like Jess Glynne.


You also don’t have to deal with the trashy cling-on guys that frequent most of the clubs in Leam – none of that anonymous grinding. Aside from the odd 40-year-old chaps who seem to come out of nowhere, most of the clientèle include people either too wasted or too busy dancing to be interested in anything other than their own night. For those sick of being harassed by random strangers: enjoy the company of people who actually couldn’t care less what you’re doing.

Bubbleluv on Mondays is certainly the cheapest night, but Kasbah also do Kinky Friday’s and Tricky Disco on Saturday, providing thrifty drinks deals throughout the week. For any clubber who counts their pennies, Kasbah is the place to go.

They also reward their faithful punters, while simultaneously embarrassing them. Going through the club photos from their special nights, Kasbah picks out the top five photobombers and tracks them gown on Facebook, offering them two free queue jumps and four free drinks the following week.

One of the contenders

One of the contenders

It’s an easy trip for any freshers, being one of the nights that Uni Express caters for, giving you Q-Jump and avoiding getting soaked in a rainy queue.

To put it simply, Kasbah has everything: food for a mid-dance break, face paint to prove to your Snapchat friends that Kasbah is the one, and music good enough to make you forget about your Tuesday 9am.

Too much excitement

Too much excitement