It’s about time someone said classism against posh people doesn’t exist

You’ll ruin the vintage crying into your Dom Perignon

Angered by the title? You’re probably the sort of person who thinks racism against white people is a thing, and men experience the same the amount of sexism as women. And if you’re trying to apply this to the upper class at uni, you’ve completely missed the point.

Apparently, in unis up and down the country, class warfare is being waged against the elite of our society. As people from different backgrounds come together for the first time, the wealthiest seem to be at somewhat of a disadvantage, spawning cries of “posh people are people too”. They are, and it isn’t an insult.

However, the idea that upper-middle class people actually face any real discrimination is as true as the friendships made in nightclub bathrooms.


Bathroom friendships: as sustainable as social inequality

So, lords, ladies, smooth down your Barbours and repeat after me, “Posh is not an insult.” Posh apparently stems from the richest clients in cruise ships being allocated port out/starboard home cabins. Being accused of being suited to the best accommodation is hardly an insult.

Maybe being called a posh twat isn’t ideal, but that’s probably more to do with the fact you’re being a twat, and less to do with your inheritance. Just like calling your flatmate a specky prick isn’t indicative of your visceral hatred of bespectacled people, and is more related to the fact he’s pissed all over the toilet seat, again.

Look, being told you’re spoiled means your parents could provide you with the best. Are you a Sloane? You grew up in an affluent area. Mocked for being a ‘rah’ means you enjoy speaking with Received Pronunciation, which will always be more respected than any regional accent. People are telling you, albeit angrily, that you have had brilliant opportunities in life. That isn’t something to feel overly victimised about, and maybe their anger is the tiniest bit justified.

There is undoubtedly problematic hatred out there for posh people, and that can’t be advocated. However this hatred isn’t systematic, it isn’t institutionalised and it won’t impact their opportunities. Sure, it’s really fucking aggravating if someone calls you a toff at the bar when you’re just trying to enjoy a flute. Let’s face it though – it’s much more infuriating to have to work twice as hard, to get half as far, because you had to go to a shit state school, or because your dad couldn’t sort you an internship in the city.


Is nothing sacred any more?

When you call someone common, it’s implicit that you’re comparing them to dirt. Common as muck. When you call someone a pleb, you’re devaluing their worth as a person, just to put yourself above them. When you call someone a chav, you are degrading a counter-culture formed out of a lack of opportunities that you can’t fully appreciate. That’s what a real slur is, and you’ve never really felt the sting of it because being called ‘poor’ will never feel the same as being called rich.

So next time you’re about to sob into your Dom, that society is just too harsh on the red-trousered, grey goose-drinking elite, remember you’re still thought of as the elite. If you really struggle with classism, maybe try to make some changes to Britain’s social mobility while you enjoy that semi-nepotistic House of Commons graduate job.

If not, just consider those left behind when you swan off to Val d’Isère this season, and stop to appreciate your immense, and enduring, privilege. Until then, though, The Tab have provided a handy guide on how to not be an utter twonk while being your posh self.