Warwick subjects ranked as best in the world for getting you a job

Everybody wants a piece of Woxbridge

Over a dozen courses at our wonderful uni have been ranked as some of the best in the world for employability.

Your parents are finally proud of you with ten subjects at Warwick ranking in the world’s top 50.

The QS World University Rankings by Subject placed a total of 15 of subjects at Warwick in the top 100, basing this ranking on academic reputation and employer reputation.

Subjects in the top 50 are: English (22nd), History (15th), Modern Languages (33rd), Mathematics (44th), Accounting & Finance (42nd), Business & Management Studies (26th), Economics & Econometrics (29th), Politics & International Studies (46th), Sociology (23rd), and Statistics (43rd).

Other subjects which made the top 100 in the world are Law, Psychology, Film and Television Studies and Philosophy.

We've got this

We’ve got this

The outgoing Thrifty is obviously a happy bunny. He said: “This is further confirmation of Warwick’s global renown.

“We are a globally connected university that attracts some of the highest quality students from around the globe and we are increasingly seen as being a powerful partner in international research collaborations tackling significant global issues and areas of international academic attention.”

There is hope for all of us

There is hope for all of us

Obviously, students have been delighted with the news, particularly in the anxiety-ridden term that is Term Three.

Tara Chapman, third year History student, was previously scared about graduating. Rankings like this, however, have eased her fears. She said: “Screw work experience, forget the CV, I’m not longer afraid to be released into the abyss”.