There’s nothing wrong with my small penis

Stop being a dick

Adam Leicester has spent the last few years struggling with the knowledge that his penis is below average size at 4.3 inches. Adam is enormously anxious about this physical characteristic but is determined not to let the stigma hold him back. 


Adam is keen to affirm that public perception of average penis size is completely skewed.

“I’ve done a decent amount of research into this. Imagine on one end of the spectrum you’ve got the seven-to-ten inch penises you see in porn, and then on the other end you’ve got really little ones on Ancient Greek sculptures.

“We’re all much closer to the Ancient Greek end of things than people realise. So to have what’s considered a ‘small’ dick, by today’s standards, really means ‘not huge’.”


Small doesn’t mean useless

At 4.3 inches, Adam still comes in below average size. “I have never had any complaint from a girl I’ve slept with”, assures Adam, who is currently in a four-month relationship.

“I’ve had just as much good and bad sex as other guys my age. To be honest, I hear more horror stories from my female friends about a guy whose dick is too big, painfully big, than I do about anyone being disappointed by a small one. So that always made me feel ok about my size.”


Adam describes how much the idea of having a smaller penis used to bother him. “As a guy, you never really know how big you are until you reach a certain level of maturity, and by then I think a lot of guys have stopped caring.”

Adam’s self-confidence is infectious, although the realisation that he was smaller than normal still came as a shock.

“I used to think that it’d get bigger before I finished puberty but it didn’t really. This was when I was about seventeen-eighteen when it really used to bother me. Once I got to uni and had a few more sexual experiences, I realised that an extra inch wasn’t going to make all the difference in the world.”

Mostly, we should remember that deep down we’re all, in some ways, a bit shy about our bodies.

“Anyone reading this with the same worries should bear in mind that everyone has a few insecurities when it comes to sex, and usually, as in my case, they just don’t matter.”

Adam’s name has been changed to protect him.