These people are making it harder for you to get a 2:1

It’s hard enough without you

Exams are looming, and these breeds of library-goers will no doubt be more noticeable to you now.

The homeless

They’ve moved in, and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. The library is basically their second home, with all their belongings sprawled across their table.

They’re committed to making this whole “getting a degree” thing work out, so will temporarily reside in the same spot for the remainder of term three.


Passive aggressive

It’s the silent study section of the library and a phone vibrates, or worse, the iPhone “ping” goes off. Before there’s time to put the phone on silent a loud sigh resonates from across the room and two eyes ensue with a death stare. The passive aggressive is there and hates everyone.

From that point on even the slightest rustle of paper will provoke a shake of the head, roll of the eye and an indiscreet tut. The passive aggressive feels nothing but hostility for anyone else in the building.


They wish the library was this empty all the time

The chatty group

These people literally never shut up. They have no comprehension of the definition of whisper.

As important as learning Tort law is, these people seem to think it much more important that you learn about Chris and Sarah’s date and how Sarah thinks she deserves better because Chris didn’t even offer to pay.


The observer

These people manage to keep their eyes on everything. Everything, that is, except their books. They feel the need to gaze anyone who walks by, and may even have a nickname for the more frequent passers.

They know they have a problem, they know they aren’t doing any work, but they always have the same excuse:  “I can’t help it, I’m a people watcher.”


Can’t help but stare…

The diners

All they really do is eat. And then eat some more.

It’s understandable that students get hungry but tuna in the library isn’t acceptable and never will be.

Crisps, carrots, anything crunchy or smelly – in fact, just go outside and eat unless you’re going to share.


The DJ

Big headphones. Full volume House tracks. Silent floor. Every student’s worse nightmare: being sat near the inconsiderate people who don’t realise that their music is too loud.

Annoying as ever. But it usually comes down to some other brave person to tell them to shut up. Just make sure you’re not using apple earphones.



The couple

This pair have a warped idea of what is socially acceptable. It’s impossible to ignore their continuous displays of public affection. Studying is already the worst thing to have to do on a Friday afternoon, and The Couple are just rubbing it in your face.

If they just paid as much as attention to their books as they did to each other’s faces, the Library would be a happier place. Odds are they go the gym together and hold hands on the running machine.


The procrastinator

These people just don’t want to study.

If you minimise the blank Word Doc on their laptop, an endless array of internet tabs will become apparent: Facebook, Twitter, ASOS and of course a “How to study” Google search. The ultimate Procrastinator will watch their fave TV show and feel no guilt or shame whatsoever.


She just doesn’t give a shit