SU President gloats after posting a torn Tory poster on Facebook

‘I have not been quiet about my political opinions, nor will I apologise for holding them’

Union President Cat Turhan has sparked a free speech row after she declared her support for the tearing down of a Warwick Conservatives poster.

After putting up a poster outside of the library to encourage students to vote blue, the University of Warwick Conservative Association were disappointed to learn that it had been violently torn down.

She posted the image saying: “Broken Britain? We’ll give you broken fucking Britain Mr. Cameron.”


Spot the difference

Moments later, Turhan posted a picture on Facebook seemingly encouraging such actions, though she denies any involvement in the defacement itself.


Cat’s Facebook status then led to accusations she had “denied the right to freedom of speech”.


Some students have declared their support to Cat, others have called for her apology and have accused her of attacking free speech.

Cat said: “I have not been quiet about my political opinions, nor will I apologise for holding them.

“While Sabbatical Officers are obviously obligated to remain neutral in public statements while acting in an official capacity on behalf of the Students’ Union, we are also individuals with our own personal beliefs.

“I am as entitled to post these on my own personal Facebook account as anyone else is to disagree with them.”

Cat was rapped on the Overheard at Warwick Facebook group, with several students saying she condoned vandalism. Remy Osman posted the picture on the group and said: “The SU President should be condemning this sort of action, not laughing about it and encouraging it.”