Warwick students likely to vote Tory, according to Tab poll

Almost half of second years will vote blue

The majority of Warwick will vote blue tomorrow, according to The Tab’s election poll.

Conservatives are set to take six per cent more votes than Labour and 14 per cent more than Green.

Is Cam the man?

Is Cam the man?

Labour and Green supporters need not fear. In another smaller survey by High Fliers, 41 per of Warwick students are said to be voting Labour, and a nationally significant 21 per cent for the Green party: the only party campaigning for free education.

First years were more likely to vote for Miliband, with 34 per cent in comparison to 32 for the Tories.

But the Conservatives won the hearts of second and third years with a 16 and 6 per cent lead respecitvely.

Worryingly, UKIP were more popular with finalists than the Greens, but Natalie Bennett’s had more support than Farage and Clegg put together.

Miliband on campus earlier this year.

Miliband on campus earlier this year.

A surprising four per cent of participants in The Tab’s poll said they were not voting, and a similar four per cent stated they were voting for UKIP.

For another four per cent of participants, they’re decision on who they’d like to vote for has still not been made, only days before the votes will be cast on Thursday 7th of May.