This hero travelled the UK drinking pints after the uni made him homeless

The best Neville since Longbottom

This legendary second year drank three pints for 100 days while travelling the country because he missed out on halls.

Last year, International student Neville Ta, 20, drowned his sorrows by drinking “at least three pints a day” after he missed out on holiday accommodation at Warwick Uni.

He stopped off at hostels and pubs across the country, as they were the best places to make friends.

He loved it so much during Easter, he decided to go again in summer, extending his nationwide pub tour to 100 days.


We first met the second year Mathematician in Kelsey’s, a perennial favourite of Warwick students and Leamington locals.

The celebrated centurion said: “I couldn’t get summer vacation accommodation on campus, so I just ended up resorting to hostels. I wanted to see a bit of the UK, so it all worked out really.”

Despite Warwick failing to accommodate a priority international student, Nev denies that Tab favourite, Warwick Vice-Chancellor, Nigel Thrift was directly to blame for the beginning of his binge.

Cut adrift from the Warwick bubble, Neville, who is originally from Hanoi, Vietnam, travelled the country during the long break, staying in cheap hostels and drinking in the sights and the inevitable happened.

He added: “Well, the best way to meet people was in hostel or local bars, and that’s where I’d end up.”


Nev’s drinking sesh saw some close shaves

So Neville found himself making the most of his travels by necking Guinness and making friends.

Neville notes that drinkers and bar staff become friendlier the further north he went.

He said: “In Edinburgh a pub let me back in after making me leave the night before because I fell over, but in Truro I was kicked out for being tired and bored and resting my head on the bar.”


Nev’s drinking companions include BNOC Akwasi Akoto (right)

Once the five week break had ended and he went back to uni, Neville didn’t let exam season get in the way of his mission.

“I passed out the day before one of my exams…but it was fine.”

He walked away with a 2:2 for the year and avoided financial and hangover horrors by taking advantage of hostel discounts and by using day drinking as a tactical hangover remedy.

“The ‘Neville Sandwich’ is the best hangover food, just put a full English breakfast between two slices of bread.”


The Undergrad, one of Neville’s frequent haunts

While he hasn’t suffered any severe health issues, Neville has fallen a few times. Once he accidentally climbed into an industrial estate, mistaking it for a short-cut home, and he ripped his jacket and cut his chin. Remarkably, he came out of a major sesh pretty unscathed.

A year on from his exploits, Neville recommends The Duke, Kelsey’s and The Undergraduate as ideal drinking spots for a Warwick student looking to recreate his Odyssey. Does he still drink as much? A manager at one such spot answered: “I know I could serve Neville any drink, because he’ll definitely drink it.”

So the next time you try and bail on a night out, look in the mirror and ask yourself, what would Neville do?