Daylight robbery: Sunshine stolen from second years by bungling builders

No need for factor 25 when you have factor brick

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A troop of callous builders stole sunlight from an unhappy second year house.

The house on the notoriously student-infested Tachbrook Road, in Leamington Spa, fell victim to the removal of a vital window when builders decided to brick it up from the outside.

When the five residents found their window half bricked up, they posted a sign begging the builders next door to stop. But the heartless bunch carried on anyway.

Half way through the home improvements

Half way through the home improvements

In a chilling echo of the inevitable apocalypse which will destroy us all, the hall now has next to no sunlight, a development the five residents were not aware of when they moved in.

Kieran, Vice President of the Physics Society, was truly heartbroken with last week’s renovations.

The second year said: “We didn’t think this house could get any more shit, and then they blocked out the sun.”

solidarity with sun loving Kieran

Solidarity with sun loving Kieran

As the bricks began to conceal the much needed hall window Kieran hatched a plan – he designed a sign would hopefully melt the builders hearts and stop the bricking up in its tracks.

The sign read “please don’t take my sunshine away” with a sad child like drawn face.

no need for factor 25 when you have factor brick

No need for factor 25 when you have factor brick

Despite Kieran’s sign, attracted much attention from bewildered builders, the bricks carried on piling up, letting in only a thing stream of sunlight.

The devastating works have earned the house the nickname Tachbrook Prison.

Second year Sociologist and similarly distraught housemate Ellen Holmes said: “No longer can I sing Natasha Bedingfield and relate to every word.

“I haven’t got a pocket full of sunshine and I no longer know if it’s all mine.”