What advice would you give to your fresher self?

Only rookies don’t lock their doors

As first year comes to a close, and none of us can truly call ourselves fresh anymore, we spoke to the students of Warwick about the advice they would give to their fresher selves.

First years – pay attention. These notes of wisdom could save you many an embarrassing moment.

Second years upwards – still pay attention. Many of us seem to forget even our own pearls of wisdom …

Don’t go to lectures

Stay here

Stay here

1st year doesn’t even count, so what’s the point? Skip that tedious 9am on a Friday morning and head smack instead.

Richard Cobbing, second year maths student, said: “If I could go back, I would tell my fresher self to take the academic side less seriously, at least for a few weeks.

“For some reason, the university has decided that during the fresher’s period we should have lectures. I always tried to attend these despite attending whatever mediocre fresher’s event the SU had thrown the night before.

“But in truth, there’s no pint turning up 20 minutes late, hungover as fuck, only to leave halfway through to throw up. So yeah, my advice is don’t hold back on a night out, you’ll never get this chance again.”

Lock your door


Hannie Boyle, second year theatre student, said: “It was Halloween, and we were all drinking in the Cryfield common room. I left my door unlocked all night and came back at midnight to find my sink clogged up with wee and vomit.”

Stay single

Hoes before bros before hoes

Hoes before bros before hoes

Helen Bychawski, third year English student, urges freshers to stay single and have fun.

She said: “Boys are not scary. Particularly fresher boys. They’re actually still like 13 years olds. You do not want one as a boyfriend. You do not. And try not to look for one. One will arrive when you stop looking.”

Wear dispensable shoes


Throw away the heels and don a pair of trainers advises Samuel Wightman, third year theatre student.

He said: “Pack trainers on nights out in Leamington, because drowning in mud when you’re drunk and running through fields back to Sherbourne is never going to end pretty … And enjoy your bike more because you’ll miss it when it’s replaced by the U1.”

Don’t shit where you eat

Don't take the 'uni family' thing too far

Don’t take the ‘uni family’ thing too far

Thinking of getting with your flatmates? Don’t. Almost definitely to be the cause of future dramas and awkward conversations, Mark Jackson, second year engineering student, recommends to not shit where you eat.

He said: “Not only will your other flatmates never let you forget about the incident, but you could also end up living with that one night stand, so beware.”

Don’t get caught

Quit this behaviour

Quit this behaviour

Have your fun in halls, but just remember to put a sock over that fire alarm … oh, and a towel by that gap under your door … or if you are going to get caught, at least do it in style.

Reverend Raul, a second year philosophy student, admitted that perhaps it wasn’t the best idea in the world to smoke a foot long joint outside his halls in the first week of uni, especially whilst wearing a toga and if you have dreadlocks and a nice room with an en-suite that you want to keep.

Oh and “Don’t wave at security”.

Do what you want


University is a time to experiment; not only with experiences, but also with your personality.Be spontaneous: go to that random block party where you vaguely only know one person, skip that 9am because you’ve only just got in from a night out, and say yes to whatever the hell you want to say yes to.

Bethany, a second year PPE student, said it was one of her best decisions in first year to “fuck about and have fun”.