Term free: U1 will not charge for final term

Only if you haven’t bought a pass

We never dreamed this could happen, but it has officially been announced that due to the inconvenience of the roadworks and poor service, all campus bus services will be completely free until the end of the year.

In a grovel attempt the University has decided to allow passengers of the U1, U2, or U12, to travel for no cost during the whole of Term 3. All you have to do is show the bus driver your Warwick ID card.

Unfortunately this doesn’t mean anything for those who have bought year-long bus passes (most of us), as it is a scheme only applicable to those who usually buy single or return journeys. In short: this is great news for the freshers, and actually a little bit annoying for second and third years.

bus 3

It appears that the University has teamed up with Stagecoach in order to prevent “another one of those stupid protests”. Instead of facing the wrath of student politics, they hoped subsidizing our travel would calm us down and make us happy.

For many, this is incredible news. Rachael Davies, an English fresher, said: “I can’t believe the generosity of the University. I’m literally going to ride around on the U1 all day to make the most of this”.

However, third years like Josh Hutchings who studies Engineering, were less pleased. He said: “This is actually a joke. I can’t believe the University would make such an empty PR move like this. It is typical of the University in that it doesn’t actually help the majority of students, but, as always, we can see right through it”.

Is this a generous move from the University? Or are we being taken for a ride? Email [email protected]


Before you thank the bus driver for his kindness, check your calendar…