Guys are now using pick up artists to try and sleep with you

Pulling lectures are happening in halls

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A love guru is teaching guys to “unlock the puzzles of female psychology” to get girls into bed.

Love Systems is a new website set up just to teach men how to pick up women, using online blogs, webinars and videos, as well as an annual super-conference in LA.

And it’s not just something you hear about online – it’s spreading through Warwick, with “lectures” going on within our very own halls.

There are Power Points and note-taking – people are taking this more seriously than their degrees.


Nick Savoy, the man behind the new pick up artist company, said: “What we do is unlock the puzzles of female psychology, teach them to men through our products and boot camps, and help them be successful with women, whether it’s a one-night stand or a long term relationship.”

Words like “target” and “isolation” are used on the website, with jam-packed schedules for wannabe pick up artists to follow.

Every point is carefully thought out, and the man is taught to be in total control of the situation, manipulating women without her knowledge into situations where she will, if the man does it “right”, never refuse.

Understandably, many are disturbed by the methods the guys they’re meeting on nights out are using to get them into bed.

Rachel Lai-Cheony, a 19 year old Chemistry student, said: “It just seems so arrogant to me, like they think they can manipulate girls into going home with them.

“I’d rather have more of a say in it than have some guy use tricks he learned online.”

Schedule of a standard Love Systems bootcamp

Schedule of a standard Love Systems bootcamp

Notes taken from a "lecture"

Notes taken from a ‘lecture’

And it’s not just girls who find it creepy.

Maths student Jason Paterson said: “I prefer being spontaneous with girls.

“It’s not about learning hook-up points online, it’s about getting to know the person and having fun.”

But not everyone has slammed the technique.

One guy, who wished to remain anonymous, said it gave him a confidence boost.

He told The Tab: “It’s more of a confidence boost than anything else. I don’t think it’s manipulative, any more than planning out an important phone call.

“I’m no good at improvising in social conversations, I always end up saying the wrong thing.

“Having a few pointers makes me relax so that I can adapt better when I talk to women.”