To me, to you: Chuckle Brothers raise the roof at Pop

It was a right chuckle

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The legendary Chuckle Brothers showed us all how to party as they hit the SU last night.

Tickets sold out days before, and Paul and Barry, aged 67 and 70, caused a storm as they performed their chart topper To Me, To You (Bruv).

They played their “critically lauded uber-hit”, alongside Disco Dave’s usual repertoire of cheesy Pop tunes.


Akwasi Akoto, second year Computer Science student, has always been a huge fan of the Chuckle Brothers.

He said: “I used my elbows to push myself to the front – they’re really knobbly and can hurt.

“I crushed a poor fresher girl just to touch them. Gotta do what ya gotta do to meet your childhood heroes.

“I touched Paul first. His nostalgic touch had me erupting with joy.

“Barry came second. As our fingers locked I knew I wanted to be a part of their family.

“I wanted to be the third Chuckle Brother.”



Regrettably the Chuckle Brothers’ stay was short-lived: they played their song, took a couple of photos and left, but it didn’t affect the night’s crazy atmosphere.

Despite their age, Barry and Paul are still a hit with the ladies.

Laura Wiley, misty eyed after last night’s shenanigans, said: “Like most people at Pop, with the right light and enough purple, they were strangely attractive.”

Lucas Ragon, Management student and Pop enthusiast, barely remembers seeing the Chuckle Brothers: “I honestly don’t really remember seeing them, but it was really busy and really fun.

“I only really have one thing to say – rehydration is key after a night like last night.”

Jordan Quanbrough, second year International Management student, sums up the night: “It was just really, really weird.”