Where’s the worst place you’ve thrown up?

Better out than in

chunder sick throw up throwing up

Let’s face it, sometimes you just have a bit too much to drink. We’ve all snuck away for a tactical chunder at pre-drinks, or had a violent vom over a kebab shop counter. But where’s the worst place you’ve thrown up?

In a plastic bag

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Anna, final year Biologist, said: “The morning after a few bottles of wine, on a night out at home, I ended up throwing up into a towel near my bed. I put it in a plastic bag and hung it outside my skylight so my mum wouldn’t see.

“Of course she was on her way home from the shops, so she saw it and came to ask me why I had a bag of vomit hanging from my window. Not my finest hour.”

On my Grandad


Can he swing from a web? No, but he can vomit on close relatives

Richard, second year Mathematician, said: “I never made it to my 18th birthday party because I peaked too soon and ended up going to bed early. The family were round and they all had the party without me.

“That night my Grandad was sleeping on my bedroom floor, so I ended up rolling over in the night and throwing up all over him.”

In the library toilets


Hangovers wait for no one

Faith, a second year Sociologist, said: “I literally just threw up there now, in the library toilets. Better out than in, I always say. Probably not the worst place though, I once puked over my mates head when we were trying to throw up in the same staff toilets. We were on shift at the time.”

At a McFly concert


Helena in Freshers. Just call her StarHurl.

Helena, a Historian, told The Tab: “Glamorously, I got heatstroke in the front row of a McFly concert, spewed all over myself, and had to push past everyone to get to the toilets. I ended up taking my top off and having to wear a buttoned up cardigan all night.”

In my coat pockets


Bonita ft. new coat

Bonita, a Theatre and Performance student, said: “I was in a taxi to Vodka Revs and had no choice but to hurl into my hands and pockets. The bouncer didn’t let me in, even after I turned my skirt inside out to hide the sick. I didn’t get a taxi fine, though.”

Under the table at the Law Ball


Dan, a second year, said: “I just needed to chun and the toilets were too far, so I just crawled under a table and let it all out.”

On my mate’s door


Bill, an Engineer, said: “First week of first term, post-beer bong, I ended up throwing up on my friends door before she’d moved in. I tried to hoover the carpet and ended up breaking the hoover.”

On a train window


Josh, Creative Writer, said: “I was caught short on a train in rush hour. I tried to discreetly throw up into my hands, but it ended up splashing back and going up the window of the train.”