Third year scores selfie with Sansa Stark in Smack

The Game of Thrones star was on the prowl

A Maths student interrupted Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner as she was grinding on a local in Smack – to get a selfie.

There have been many stories of shoulder brushes with the rich and famous: Spencer Matthews shagged a Birmingham uni student, Cheryl Cole snogged Oxford Brookes student Tom Julius, and now our very own third year Mikey Hobson has joined these elite ranks.

Mikey interrupted the star chirpsing with a local for a fan photo when he spotted her in the club one Saturday.

He told The Tab: “I went to Smack with a friend on Saturday night in Term One for a friend’s birthday.

“My friend Tom Colclough and I lost everyone as we danced round downstairs, elated by the ceiling LEDs as usual.”

A picture speaks a thousand words

Mikey and Tom moved deeper into the downstairs pit, and found themselves on the sofas at the very back.

He added: “I noticed two people grinding really closely in front of me, as you always do in Smack.

“I thought nothing of it until someone I had never met turned to me and said ‘she’s famous isn’t she?'”

Mikey was in fact face to face with Sophie Turner, more commonly known as Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones.

As Sophie turned away from her potential conquest, Mikey took his chance.

“I said to her: two things and then I’ll leave you alone. One, are you Sansa Stark, and two, if so can I have a selfie?

“All my face says is ‘how is this happening?’

“To be honest, my only true regret is accidentally cutting my friend out of the picture on the other side.”

Tom Colclough, third year Maths and Philosophy student, has never forgiven Mikey for the brutal crop, albeit it one eye.

He said: “Mikey took an absolutely shite selfie. At least his chirpsing was a raging failure.”