Looking for love in the library in just 36 questions

It didn’t work

Now the emotional trauma of crying alone over Titanic and spooning a tub of Ben and Jerry’s on Valentine’s Day is gone, it’s time for a solution.

To those who would never had let go of Jack’s hand, a new psychological study has emerged that could make your next romantic conquest fall in love with you.

The full set of questions if you fancy a go at this pulling technique

36 questions have been developed by Psychologist Dr Arthur Aron at Stony Brook University NY, otherwise known as Cupid, who claims that if you ask two people these magic questions, you can make them fall in love.

Running out of new and exciting pulling techniques, the two of us decided to give it a go, and went on a husband hunt of Floor two of the library.

We were just two young girls looking for love.



First off was Patricia to see if she could strike lucky in love with third year economic student Robert Povey.

“Considering Robert looked deep in work/absorbed in Netflicks on the sofas, I decided to keep it short and sweet and ask him just over half the questions on the list so he could get back to Rawls’ political theory/Gossip Girl.

“The most important personal questions were asked first – who you would choose as a guest to come to your dinner party guest is obviously of key importance in establishing a loving relationship (Robert’s a fan of George Clooney apparently).

“However, the questions soon went into very personal territory. It was incredibly revealing and a lot of the information is not what you would discuss within the first few minutes of meeting someone.

“To answer your question, no we did not fall in love. However he did give me a hug so safe to say I made a friend.”


Unlucky in love, but we had a nice hug

I was next up for the hunt for my Lobster, which came in the form of Jamie Price, a third year history student.

First we laid down some important ground and shared some personal secrets – I found out about Jamie’s love for David Beckham and I revealed I had a hidden Beyonce poster collection.

We found that the questions took a bit of a morbid turn and we had to ask each other whether we had a secret hunch about how we were going to die – funnily enough, we didn’t.

We found that questions about our mortality wasn’t really the best mood setter and we established that we had only fallen in love with each other just a little bit.

Then he said he had a girlfriend, so I left.

jamie price

Jamie and his girlfriend

We concluded that the library was just not the place to fall in love. Especially if they clearly have a girlfriend.

Basically the questions don’t work, and it’s a load of bullshit. Have a great day.