Leamington nightlife is making itself known in the midlands

We’re wavey now

Increasing media attention, and a plethora of new club nights, has seen Leamington stake its claim as a hot spot for Midlands nightlife.

Gone are the days when the best that Leamington Spa could offer to its student community was Smack on Thursdays and Evolve (known as Neon now to freshlings) on Fridays.

Now, despite having the eighth best club in the world, Leamington is kitted out on nearly all weekdays with events to suit every taste.

A recent arrival on the clubbing scene which is making an impact is Bootsncats on a Friday. Playing garage electro music and set against Zephyr Lounge’s postered walls really sets a retro and fresh feel.

The Bootsncats crew go all out with the decor – the VW Campavan in the second room is truely majestic and there’s some cool shit hanging from the ceilings (though everyone has left planet earth by this point either on alcohol or more questionable substances to remember what it is).

The general description of the night is usually “good vibes” which is often also used to describe the wide variety of Hawaiian shirts you will see being sported by these hipster clubbers.


Camouflage ceilings? So indeh. (credit: Ross Silcock)

However, block out the one Friday of the month that Switch at the assembly rooms is on, as this clubnight has really exploded into Leamington for both Warwick uni students and beyond. This year, on it’s first birthday, Switch completely sold out with 1000 people booking in to listen to one of the best Urban music DJs in the country, DJ Zinc.


Switch’s First Anniversary – their best event yet and it keeps getting better and better. Credit Ross Silcock

Switch is not only a huge hit with Warwick Uni students, but is also giving itself a name in the Midlands, with non-locals from Coventry and Birmingham coming to experience one, if not the best, nights out that Leamington can offer.

Playing a mix of alternative club music, you’ll hear music from Electro to Grime to House – a really fresh alternative to the same old tunes played on repeat at some other nights on offer in the area.


Credit: Ross Silcock


Credit: Georgie Lowe

Sorrel Holliday, one of Switch’s founders, comments on the amount of effort put into organising an event as big as Switch: “We deliberate every detail of our vision in meetings, from the type of photos we want, to the artwork, and the dates of events”.

“Every effort is worth it though – it’s so gratifying to see everyone have such a great time.  I can honestly say running Switch is one of the best experience from my time at Uni”.

Josh Chin, anotherone of Switch's founders.

Josh Chin, anotherone of Switch’s founders. (credit: Georgie Lowe)

Len, second year engineer, said: “Switch on Friday was the best night I’ve ever had at Warwick.”

Seems like there’s a big chance of Switch or BootsnCats taking Smack’s supposed reign.