We asked you to reveal your embarrassing group chat names

They’re so cringe

group chat whatsapp

Whether you’ve constantly silenced the bloody thing, or you’re a devoted member, we’re all involved in way too many awfully named group chats. Funny group chat names have taken on a personality of their own. 

With over 300 million messages sent everyday, we appear to need to be in constant contact with each other. By making a group we can reach and rinse a wide selection of mates at the same time, the name of the group is just another great way to take the piss.

Bakin’ Mad


Anita Toor: “My friends from home all got really obsessed with this lame online baking game. We just use the chat to talk about the game.”

The Cream Team

cream team

Bethany Frances Meban: “After a dull conversation about the usefulness of Savlon (the antiseptic cream) my friend dropped into conversation that while she was on holiday two years ago, her friend licked whipped cream off her nipple in a crowded bar for a round of free drinks.”

Bantz 2K12


Sunny Patel: “Someone in the chat made a really terrible joke that belonged back in 2k12.”

The Boozy Bois Getting Wasted Like Raz


Frank Shorey: “It’s someone I know from an old job. His mates had a chat and added me to it. It’s got its own description too:

“‘If you’ve come of age and are always up for getting completely fucked, then the Boozy Boiz are for you. Welcome to this club. Remember, if you are in, you’re in for life.'”

Charlie’s Angels

Tristan Latarche (his name isn’t even Charlie): “Next year I’m living with three girls, and they look like the new cast of Charlie’s Angels.”

Bo, Put Your Hoes Before Your Shows


Bonita Trigg: “I study theatre so go to see a lot of plays. My friend wanted a big girls’ night out so she could get laid, but I was planning on going to see a play that evening. I ended up going out.”

The Crack Den

crack den

Toma Babickaite: “Our house is a shit hole.”



Ewan Mcgowan: “Last year we all got proper into Age of Empires during exam time. We used the chat to organise games, even though we all lived on the same corridor.”

Ewan would like to add he has an EP coming out in March. It will contain age references.

Tachbrook Twats


Robyn Cufley: “We live on Tachbrook Road and we’re twats.”

Helena’s Whores 

Helenas whores

Helena Sewell: “It was our quiz name and then just kind of stuck. Plus my name’s Helena and they’re my whores.”

Turtle Baes


Samuel G Mitchell: “We love the cocktail bar Turtle Bay, and we’re fucking hilarious.”

A Sieve and Some Lube

siv loob

Will Slatts: “I was ordering lube with my girlfriend and you got money off if you spent over a certain amount. We needed a sieve. So I ordered a sieve and some lube to the Amazon lockers on campus.”

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