The family dynamic of every uni home

You don’t escape your family, you just get a new one

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Following the struggles, new friendships and all round craziness of your first year at university, once you’ve settled in, the final two years inevitably involve a whole new dynamic.

Gone are the days of constantly bustling corridors, twenty neighbours and new faces whenever you step out of your door. Choosing your favourite few of the many flatmates you meet in halls comes far too soon. By the end of first term, you are expected to know which of the crazy, drunken messes you could live with for another year.

But no matter who you decide to live with, they will unavoidably become your university family.

The Mum



The mum of the group knows everyone, is naturally maternal and easy to talk to. She is motivated and always working hard, but always has time to meet up for a cup of tea. You can talk to mum about anything – uni concerns, boys, fashion – and you’ll come away feeling older and wiser. She gives a great hug too.

Look out for: Constant shopping bags/shopping deliveries, attempts to force feed you when you are running low on food, and the largest wardrobe of florals and coats you have ever seen.

The Dad


The dad of the group is the one in charge – without this guy you wouldn’t even have a house, and rent and important paperwork would constantly be forgotten. Despite his tough exterior, there will often be times where he pops into your room for a hug and a nice catch up.

Look out for: Reminders about rent payments, careful calculations about the heating bill and a constant pile of dirty dishes left for mum to sort out.

The Grandad



The grandad of the group has a unique personality and for some reason owns a screwdriver, whipped out at any given opportunity. His actions are often unexplainable, he only hears what he wants to hear and is often caught staring off into his own little world. Grandad cooks two things – pasta bake and bangers and mash.

Look out for: Unintelligible and unexpected noises, stories with no point whatsoever and a new found obsession with candles.

The Twins



The twins of the group have a bond like no other. Somehow, from the beginning of freshers these two have had a connection similar to one you have with your best friend from home, that one you’ve known since nursery.

Look out for: Over-excitement at any chance to dress up as a duo, tears at the thought of being apart for longer than a weekend, and what seems like their own language of mumbles and giggles. Oh and they always match.

The Older Sibling



The older sibling of the group has the best of both worlds, staying responsible to keep mum and dad happy, while always having fun with her crazy younger siblings. Juggling long hours on campus, a part-time job and multiple social circles, everyone is in awe of how the older sibling manages it.

Look out for: Incredible grades, a love of tinned spag bol, and a fierce protection over her siblings – she may threaten a tramp on a night out if forced.


Of course, your uni family grows the more you start to play along – friends become cousins or long-lost exes, partners become mistresses, and you find yourself depending on your favourite uncle for life advice.