The interesting faces of Warwick Real Ale festival

Beer drinking, fez-wearing fun


Who goes to Real Ale Festivals? It’s the sort of event that makes even students of Warwick look exciting.

11.3% Beers, Elderflower wines, hipsters, leather jackets and Irish music made the first day of 2015’s Warwick Real Ale Festival.

A huge diversity of hair length 


Karl is that you?


Let the nails do the talking


Bearded hippies 

Super cool hipster (ish?) guy

The pose was my request


Loved the blazer

Towering figure of 6 feet.

Towering figure of 6 feet.

Guys from Grease? 

Guys from Grease

Warwick’s version of hot

Even a few ladies

Ladies of the east

Ladies of the East


It’s an experience

Here for the ale

Here for the ale

People who let you taste before you buy

Very helpful RAS lady :)

The 11.3% shot me down

The 11.3% shot me down

The Elder flower wine is worth the queue

The Elderflower wine is worth the queue

A strange amount of people in Fez hats

More Fez hats

Its a fez-tival

The real Real Ale people?

The proud members of the Real Ale Society

More fez and fun

More fez and fun

People having actual fun in the Copper Rooms


That hat tho


The crowd is real

The love for booze unites us all

Answering the calling of the booze