Butters to Beaut: Were you this ugly as a child?

Just look at her now

Were you ugly as a child and then got really fit? Are you still waiting for this transformation? 

When Nat Charlton was born, some would say she had a face only her mother could love. Now she has all of the boyfriends.

“When I was younger and my fellow nursery peers cried when they looked at my face, my mum always used to say that it was inside that counts.”

Primary school peers didn’t want to be Nat’s friend because they were afraid she would eat them

Nat’s childhood pics have sent shock through some of her friends, including Heather Barton who knew her as a child.

She said: “When Nat was younger, she made her parents cover all the mirrors in the house so she didn’t have to look at herself. She wouldn’t even come over for a sleepover if she knew there was so much as a compact mirror lying around my house.”


It’s amazing what puberty and peroxide can do to you – now finally Nat can look at herself in the mirror without weeping.

“It was about eighteen when I turned really really hot. People started noticing me at school and would start getting my name right instead of calling me Natasha or Nicole – I even went through a phase of being called Noel once at my lowest aesthetic point when I had braces.”

“Now I can’t even walk along the street without strangers asking me to marry them or declaring their undying love for me when I’m doing my Morries shopping. It’s such a struggle being this flawless.”

"Why don't you love me?"

“Why don’t you love me?”

The self proclaimed big name in the county has trouble shaking off the admirers.

She added: “Sometimes I have to wear sunglasses to hide my face to stop my stalker count from increasing.

“I really don’t want any more flowers delivered to my door – my flatmates get annoyed from having to wade through the bouquets of red roses and one constantly has inflamed sinuses from her hayfever flaring up constantly from the pollen.”


Despite being ranked a ‘Warwick 10’, she hasn’t experienced any setbacks.

“I find it hard to make friends because people think I’m too pretty, so sometimes I have to make myself ugly and go from a 10 to a 9 when I’m meeting new people.

“Even then people still find it hard to look beyond how ridiculously, ridiculously good looking I am and get to know the amazing person I am on the inside too. I even tried to make myself look like an 8 once – but it wasn’t possible.”