From kidnappings to reusing toilet roll: The best of fresher confessions

But you’ve matured now

You start university ready to enjoy your new found freedom, unaware of the absolute mess you are about to become. But before you know it, your fresher year is over, and all you have to show for it is some very questionable outfit choices, several missing memories, and an endless list of regrets.

And even though you told yourself you could handle the 12th Jaegerbomb in a row and that it wouldn’t be awkward with the course mate you got with the night before (even though it was), at least you can now laugh about some of the awful things you got up to.


Dean confessed: “My drink got spiked at Kasbah and I basically got kidnapped by two strangers. I somehow ended up in Birmingham and I had to ring my mum to pick me up at 5am.”


Shannon, who studies Law said: “I slept through the fire alarm in Rootes after a night out and when I eventually got outside 10 minutes later than everybody else, the resident tutor thought I had a drinking problem.

“I had to pay a £25 fine.”


Abby, shamefully admitted: “I once followed a second year home. I called him all sorts of awful words and then threw up in his bathroom. He hasn’t spoken to me since.”


One of our very own Tab Warwick writers (who wishes to stay anonymous) revealed: “I was still drunk from the night before so I got a tattoo in Leamington. It’s about an inch away from my junk and is always awkward to have to explain to any girl I have over.”


George, a History and Politics student, said: “I got head-butted at Kasbah in the tooth. I had to have a root canal treatment.”


Yuki, who left Warwick last year, revealed: “I had to attend a drinking awareness class when I got kicked out of Smack for being too drunk- it was either that or pay a £100 fine.”


Philosophy student Tom admitted: “There was no toilet roll so I picked up a piece of toilet roll from the bin that had already been used.

“Some of it was already covered in shit so I tore it off… It’s a big regret because it’s so messed up.”


Sam: “I managed to turn off the water supply to a toilet in Rootes. 2nd floor B block couldn’t flush their loo for days and it smelt so bad. I am pretty proud though.”


Rinko confessed: “I hated the Rootes toilets at first, and I genuinely couldn’t shit there for the first 2 weeks. I used the Arts Centre toilets instead.”


Cassandra’s confession was: “I got so drunk that I didn’t make it to a party that I had organised myself.”