Warwick ranked most politically influential in General Election

No biggie

Warwick students have been ranked by the Guardian as the number one most influential student voter group.

This comes as a report by the NUS has revealed that 191 constituencies have a big enough student population to overthrow their current MP. So the student vote in this year’s election could be more significant than ever before.

Despite the – clearly deserved – praise for Warwick, the article was factually inaccurate. It is worth noting that North Warwickshire isn’t the constituency of our students as stated – we are actually miles away.

Instead, students are split between Warwick and Leamington, Coventry South, and Kenilworth and Southam constituencies, depending on whether they live in Leamington, Coventry, or one half of the University campus.


But it’s worth noting that students like those at Warwick, who live in closely-fought marginal seats are likely to hold the most sway over the 2015 result.

Languages second year Emma Jones was encouraged by the ranking. She said: “It’s exciting being part of a student body that’s so potentially influential”.

English Lit fresher Josh Winfield said: “Following the several demonstrations on campus, it’s obvious we’ve got a highly politically aware student body.

“With the voting so close, it’s easy to see that Warwick students could significantly swing the vote”.

The Guardian has recognised Warwick’s huge political engagement. They use the Warwick For Free Education campus demonstration, which was raided by the police, as an example.

Labour is predicted as the winner for Warwick student votes (and across all universities).

External Campaigns Officer for Warwick Labour Society Josh Abey was obviously thrilled with the article’s predictions.

He said: “The Guardian piece is absolutely right to highlight the importance of Warwick students in this election, which is looking to be the closest in decades.

“The specifics are, however, a little inaccurate – the University is based quite a distance from the North Warwickshire constituency.

“But most students do live in the Warwick and Leamington constituency, another key marginal that Labour have a very good chance of winning if people vote”.


Ed’s visit to Warwick earlier this academic year.