Warwick votes for no confidence in Thrift’s reign

Na na naa na, na na naa na, wheeeyeeeehey, we don’t like you

Fuming voters have told Vice Chancellor Nigel Thrift they no longer want him to lead the uni.

A no confidence motion passed earlier today with a 70% majority of students expressing their dissatisfaction with the eggman Thrift.

The motion was debated at an All Student Meeting on Monday, with votes being cast online since it was agreed to carry it forward that day.

The no confidence motion stated pay inequality, the violence of the student sit in on December 3rd, staff redundancies, and the suspension of academic Thomas Docherty as their reasons.

no confidence

It refutes the recent knighting of Nigel Thrift for Services to Higher Education and has used the motion to express their disagreement with this honour.

3rd year politics student, Miguel Costa Matos, was the proposer of this motion. In a press release by Warwick For Free Education, he said: “This is a historic vote, which shows that despite his knighthood, Nigel Thrift has lost the confidence of those he is meant to support.

“Something has gone seriously wrong when students find themselves in opposition to university management. In a functional education system, a university would be run in the interests of students and staff, rather than against them. Unfortunately, Nigel Thrift is evidence that this is not the case”.

Warwick For Free Education are pleased that their dissatisfaction with Thrift has been expressed and received, and await further action from the University.