Machete wielding robbers who threatened to chop woman’s fingers off jailed

The violence gets worse

Stay weary as crimes grow more gruesome around the local Warwickshire area.

Two local bandits from Warwick, Craig Covington and Steven McNulty have been convicted to five years and two months and four years respectively for using a machete and a hammer to steal cash from a local store in Warwick.

They threatened a female staff member saying they would cut off her fingers if she didn’t hand over the money.


Should we be worried about the dodgy locals? Will the next robbery be that of Planet Bong and its wonderful embroided wall hangings and posters?

Some students are taking extra care to keep their valuables safe and be wary of the crime around the local areas.

Rebecca Banovic, a second year Warwick student, said: “I live in the South of Leamington and I always aim to get back from campus at a certain time because it can get quite unsafe. Especially in secluded residential areas.”