Warwick Wolves make Coventry weep and Rugby win by sitting on their opponents

No shock here then

A commanding Warwick smashed Coventry at the weekend to kick off Varsity 2015.

First off was the Warwick Wolves v Coventry Jets American Football game, with Warwick absolutely whipping Coventry Jets with their biggest ever Varsity victory with a 60-12 win.

The Wolves were already leading 40-6 by half time and Coventry were well and truly struggling to regain ground in the second half.


There were a few casualties from the Coventry Jets side – Number 95 took a stumble and had had enough, requiring medical assistance off the pitch to help him put a plaster on his graze.

Come on guys, let's not judge - that scratch did look pretty bad

Come on guys, let’s not judge – that scratch did look pretty bad

"Princess needs her Evian"

“Princess needs her Evian”

Coaches named the MVPs for the Wolves as Joe Watt (Offense) and Joe Hardie (Defense).

Next was the Rugby 1st’s match, where Team Warwick wiped the floor with Coventry with a 20-5 victory. There were a few fisticuffs on the pitch when Warwick’s 10 got on the wrong side of Coventry’s 6, ending up with a smack in the face.The Ref got out his red card on Coventry bruiser which turned the match to Warwick’s favour.

Embrace, don't hate #cuddlesandhuddles

Embrace, don’t hate #cuddlesandhuddles

We will find you, and we will sit on you.

We will find you, and we will sit on you.

Warwick bit back and absolutely dominated in the scrums, especially during the second half.

There were also a few Cov casualties with Number 8 taking a blow to the elbow, taking some time out to sit on the side and have a bit of “me” time after contemplating what life would be like after yet another catastrophic Varsity defeat.

Coventry Number 8 absolutely loving life

Coventry Number 8 absolutely loving life

One last #cuddlesandhuddles

One last #cuddlesandhuddles 

Looks like Warwick are set to absolutely dominate Varsity this year if these two opening games are anything to go by.