What are you going to miss about Warwick?

It’s graduation time, so we’re getting sentimental

As finalists start to make the most of their home, with the seventh best nightclub in the world, we ask, what will you miss?

We’ve all had our fair share to say when it comes to the many absurdities of Warwick, be it questioning the very existence of The Koan, wondering why the swans are so racist or trying to resist the urge to tear down the shitload of posters around campus (I don’t want to join your society- go away).

However, most finalists are already finding themselves feeling nostalgic: so, is the bubble actually bearable?


Alif, an Economics student said: “As bizarre as it sounds… I’m going to miss the angry swans. They would always attack me whenever I go for a jog.”


Madeleine said she’ll miss the teaching style: “The professors really get to know you at Warwick, and I really appreciate that.”


Gareth, who studies Maths, said: “In my first year, my friends and I set up the Harry Potter Society. It’s like leaving my baby behind!”


Jay and Sank, who started Warwick’s Gaana Society, also share the same sentiments about leaving Warwick.

Sank mentioned that “the feeling of family here is the best thing.” Jay added: “I’ve had the best years of my life here at Warwick.”


Isaac, the SU Societies Officer, said he’ll miss the wide range of societies on offer (we have over 250!), as they are “one of the things that makes Warwick so special.”


Shani, a first year law student, has already found something that she knows she’ll miss about Warwick:

“The look of admiration (and pity) when I tell people I have to wake up a whole 15 minutes earlier to walk from Sherbourne.”


Nabila said: “It has to be the Library- you can get anything here. But generally, it will be hard not to miss Warwick.”


Giorgia particularly loves campus life, and will miss the feeling of community: “You are never alone, and you can always find people from all over the world, who will teach you something about their lives.”


Izzati said: “I think Warwick Volunteers was my highlight of Warwick. I will miss that the most.”