Eight people have died every year at Warwick

It’s worse than any other uni

Alarming figures have shown almost three times as many Warwick students have died while at uni than anywhere else.

The University released stats to The Tab showing the deaths of 88 students since the beginning of the academic year 2003/04.

In 2008/09 alone, 13 people died. This comes in sharp contrast to other Universities. York had 32 deaths since 2004 while Liverpool had only 10.

All other universities had less than 10.

student deaths

Questions have arisen regarding campus safety, or whether there is just something in the air at Warwick.

When questioned about the large number of deaths, Peter Dunn, spokesperson for Warwick University, was reluctant to comment.

He said: “A great many of these will of course relate to deaths due to ill health or accident.

“Every student death, whatever its nature is a sad event, but as we have around 25,000 students it is not unexpected to see the range of numbers reported below for each year.”

Whether or not such numbers are unexpected is open to debate.

The news comes a year after an international student was killed in a lorry accident.

Maggie Cheung, a 23 year old international student from Hong Kong studying for a masters degree in economics, was knocked down while crossing the road to Tesco at Canon Park. She died from her injuries.