Police appeal after broad daylight assault of woman Leamington

A woman was arrested in connection

A woman was assaulted at the junction of Prospect Road on a rainy afternoon last week.

The victim was approached as she sat in her car on January 8th. The offender then tried to run and hide out in Asda.

The bright lights of Lemington

Police arrested a 29-year-old woman in connection with the assault, and are appealing for any witnesses to the incident. The incident has caused controversy among second year students currently living in Leamington.

Stephanie Kotterer, a second year International Management student walks a long way home from the bus stop each day. She said: “The thought that I walk home alone every single night where women get assaulted is kinda scary. There’s a super dodgy atmosphere.

“My parents would be angry at me for living in South Leamington if they knew about the several emergency call points near my house that individuals can run to if they need.”

Genevieve Smart, a second year English Literature student feels like this happens too often in Leamington. She says: “Only the other day, I witnessed something in the Jug and Jester. No one should have to feel uncomfortable like this in public spaces.”

However Sarah Whitehill, a second year Comparative American Studies student, disagrees. She said: “I happily walk back from South Leamington at 2am from friend’s houses.I don’t feel like it’s a particularly dangerous town.”