What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve spent your loan on?

Course books, yeah?

Every term, after the elation of payday hole-in-the-wall trips and the luxury of leaving our hip flasks at home at reunion bladderings, we’re all soon broke.

Still, you tell yourself, that vintage jacket is totally worth not eating for a week and Dirty Mike and The Boys really deserved that eye-wateringly expensive round I bought them.


English Lit student Zain said: “I bought loads of twitter followers – it makes me feel like people care.”

Izzy, a Psychology student, said: “I’m having to get my tramp stamp removed- I just woke up with it one morning.”


Alice, who does Languages, said: “I genuinely spent 200 quid in Nandos last term. It’s becoming a problem.”


Fern, an English Lit. student, said: “I tried to buy some fish out of the tank in Kasbah – they said no, but I was there ready, cash in hand.”


Samuel, who does Maths, said: “A blowjob when I was on the Hockey tour- I thought it was a sound purchase, personally.”

Classics student Aaron said: “I bought loads of Fifa points- the dream is to play competitively.”


Tina, who does Philosophy, said: “I had to pay an ambulance compensation fee for being found outside of Costcutter passed out.”

Theatre student Rosie said: “A ticket to Smack, under the impression that its a top club in Europe. I feel cheated.”


A History, who wished to remain anonymous due to shame, said: “I paid for a helicopter ride for me and a girl I was seeing- seems a bit of a waste now, she still hasn’t slept with me.”