Warwick in the 50 most vain universities

Warwick girls spend over £90 a year on make up…

Warwick females spend £92.90 a year on make up according to a new survey.

That’s enough to buy everyone in LARP a vodbull at Smack.

With an average spend of £92.90 Warwick students were a long way off Lancaster University, who topped the table with an average spend of £1,109 a year – roughly a third of their rent.


Coventry, Bath Spa, Falmouth and Surrey came in last, spending just £5.23 a year on beauty products.

Online beauty retailer Escentual.com assessed spending patterns at all higher education institutions in the UK.

Traditionally, students spend far more online than other shoppers – preferring the convenience of online retailing.

The spending at Lancaster University equates to £370 per term, and roughly 20% of their £5500 yearly student loan. 

Escentual chief executive Rakesh Aggarwal said: “Gone are the days of student life meaning living on ready meals and lying-in until past midday.”

“Students are the businessmen and women of the future; we will one day be relying on them to keep our economy afloat, so it’s refreshing to see they’re taking an enterprising approach during their university years and aren’t solely relying on their student loans.”