Warwick Rowers Bite Back At Rumours

Anonymous student comment sparks backlash from Warwick Naked Rowers.

Warwick Rower’s charity calendar has received tremendous support from students across the country, but one anonymous student didn’t hold back on having his own say.

Following a recent Tab article highlighting the support given from various celebrities, one student, presumably part of a sports club called the calendar an “absolute rip and disgrace” to Warwick SU.

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 14.24.48

Anonymous student calls calendar “rip”. Perhaps they were talking about their abs…

The student ended by specifically inviting Laurence Hulse to “retort”.

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Although Laurence was unable to reply, The Tab interviewed Angus Malcolm who also works for the project. Angus hit back at the anonymous student with full force and told The Tab he was “absolutely disgusted” by the response.

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Angry Angus Malcolm

“It is extremely disappointing to read this, there are dozens of naked student calendars out there for a range of reasons, and ours has happened to become an international success” he told The Tab.

“It is public knowledge that the calendars were initially exclusively to raise funds for the club, and in the beginning not even I received any expenses, I worked completely pro bono for Warwick Rowing.” Only later on did the club introduce the charity project, reacting to the success of the calendar by branching out to provide for charity.

Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 13.40.15

Angus’ passionate retort to the anonymous claim.

The relevant statistics regarding their charitable donations can be found below the Tab article, where Angus retorts to the anonymous student. Let’s just say it involved plenty of percentages.

Keen to highlight the ethical benefits of the calendar, Angus further retorted: “It’s not just about the money, the biggest achievement has been the statement it makes for homophobia. A club that some people perceive to be full of testosterone-fuelled straight jocks are taking their clothes off for gay men to portray a strong and powerful message to both the gay and non-gay communities.”

“It provides an example to people who may have it in their outlook.”

Finally, Angus pointed out the benefits of promoting the sport of rowing to the public, admitting to The Tab that rowing is often perceived as an elitist sport that tends to attract those from private school backgrounds due to its expenses, the other key purpose for raising money through the calendar is to reduce costs for other students hoping to join the club and “increase accessibility” for newcomers.

Let’s hope that no more rumours start spreading, otherwise it could get a bit oarkward…