Made in Leamington

‘Made In Chelsea’ star shows up at ComePlay Warwick once again…

After the almighty turnout for Jamie Laing’s appearance last year (albeit a 90:10 ratio split between girls and boys), ComePlay chose to bring back another Made In Chelsea character to ‘pardy’ amongst MIC fan students and some other Leamington strays. They invited the one and only Andy Jordan down.

Except he never showed.

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 11.46.59

We believe you Andy

Thankfully, Andy’s trusted sidekick Stevie showed up to save the night, admitting to The Tab that Andy can be “quite wet and quite flakey”. Nonetheless, within minutes the VIP queue had doubled in size and the girls were swarming to grab a photo with Made In Chelsea’s underrated Stevie Johnson.

The Tab grabbed him for a few words on his old school friend and flatmate Andy, and the show itself while they could.

Stevie Johnson jokingly suggested that Andy was “playing the victim” following a recent (and awkwardly public) break up with the owner of the most capacious tear ducts in Chelsea, Louise Thompson.

Wet and flaky...

“Wet and flakey?! Stevie you bastard!”

After suggesting a potential re-romance with the brutally honest and sassy Lucy Watson, Stevie recoiled and claimed “they are sooooo unsuited to each other”. Doth the Stevie protest too much? Perhaps Spencer’s claims last season about Stevie fancying Ms Watson had more truth in them than we thought…

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 11.18.56

Letting off some steam on that bottle Stevie?

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 11.52.06

Probably got bored of fake smiling at the camera…

Meanwhile in the ‘not so VIP’ area, drinks were flowing and disappointed students who failed to get into Smack were now tearing up the dance floor, hoping to catch a quick glimpse of the man himself. It seems they got lucky…

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 11.53.03

Acting like one of our very own Warwick students

Shortly after The Tab concluded their interview with Stevie, another publication rocked up to sip the dregs of Stevie’s champers.

For those who were truly devastated at the missed opportunity to mend Andy’s broken heart, ComePlay Warwick have loosely announced that Andy will be making an appearance in a couple of weeks. The Tab says, forget the flake and bring back Stevie again.