Shades To Stay Open For Another Year

The showcase for Leamington’s finest will be around for at least another 12 months.

Shades Gentlemen’s Club has had their sexual entertainment licence renewed for another year.

The Leamington club proudly boasts of its “luxurious surroundings” and invites punters to simply come in for “a friendly chat, drink and take in the atmosphere”.

It only just secured its licence for another 12 months after a hearing with the Warwick District Council Regulatory Committee yesterday afternoon, after it came to a five-five split in the vote, with chairman George Illingsworth’s vote favouring the seedy strip club.


This isn’t the first time that Shades, which is definitely more ‘orange peel’ than sex appeal, has had to battle for survival.

Ever since opening in March 2008 the club has had to overcome a number of obstacles in order to stay open and keep giving their customers immense pleasure (nothing a quick course of antibiotics wouldn’t fix).

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Unsurprisingly, this decision has been met with outrage from Leamington locals and students alike, who feel that the presence of a sex club is an unsightly blemish on south Leamington’s otherwise golden reputation.

Despite 360 Leamington residents writing letters of objection to the council, their pleas were ignored, and Shades will live to see another day.

We’re sure all the “gentlemen” of Warwick will be delighted…