Top Ten Photos from Nights Out Last Year

The Tab provide you with some of the most bizarre “Leamington night-out” photos from last year. Brace yourself…

As nightlife in Leamington is starting to kick off again, The Tab thought some reminiscing was in order – of some of the most hilarious, drunken and downright epic photos from nights out last year. Whether you want to fondly remember old times when Neon was called Evolve or, even better, use as inspiration for whenever the camera’s in your face this year, this countdown is a must-read, and the people in these photos are heroes. Drunken idiots of Evolve, we salute you.

10. The Champagne Pop

This is just classic Warwick.

Classic Warwick.

9. The bouncers decide to get in on the action…


And still trying to intimidate even then.

8. The iconic balcony shot. 


This might actually look good if not for the thermal vest underneath.

7. Getting down to business


Never one to allow the camera to cock block.

6. The Adonis

Someone wanted to show off their efforts at the gym...

Someone wanted to show off their efforts at the gym…

5. BTOC – Biggest Twat On Campus

A timeless piece.

A timeless piece.

4. Getting a bit artsy with the photography now…

His expression says it all.


3. A classic photobomb


Shame on her for ruining these guys’ fun.

2. Perhaps not as great as this one, however

Solid Warwick 6 at LEAST.

Solid Warwick 6 at LEAST.

1. This guy really knows how to live life on the edge. 


Probably the only time the bouncers have had to do anything on a Warwick student night.

And there you have it. Let’s hope that photos of this calibre continue this year!