Fresher Life v Third Year Life

Exactly how much changes in your three years at uni?

From fresh faced first year to unwashed third year, everyone looks forwards to freshers, either to start your new life at uni or to shark those innocent school leavers. Our reporter made the dangerous journey from first year to third, and here are his reflections. These are the changes you’ll go through:


Freshers: This means asking two questions: “What course do you do?” and “What halls are you in?” You’ll think that your new first week friends are going to be your BFFs, when in reality they’ll end up being the people who occasionally pop up on your newsfeed and who might write happy birthday on your wall.

Third years: This means people you bonded with almost two years ago in a kebab shop at 3am. People who have been there every time you passed out before you managed to make it out of the flat at 9:30pm. Those who held your hair when you were hugging the toilet. That is true friendship.

That's the problem with fresher friends: no-one turns up.

That’s the problem with fresher friends: no-one turns up.


Freshers: You’ve either broken up with your first love before coming or will be reminded by your new friends you cheated on them the night before at Smack at some point between your 5th vodbull and the moment you ran out of money.

Third years:  You’re still with that girl you drunkenly got with at Smack who was a fuzzy memory the next day until you found her number in your phone and realised you’d sent her 30 drunken texts that made no sense whatsoever.

Perhaps a blossoming romance?

Perhaps a blossoming romance?


Freshers: You’ll be over the moon with your student loan, you’ll spend most of your time in Terrace Bar until you run out of money and then resort to the cheapest thing you can find in the supermarket, working out the highest u/p (units per pound) to 3 decimal points.

Third year: By now you’ve worked out the cheapest thing you can find in the 3 nearest supermarkets to you, but still working out the highest units per pound just to make sure no offers under cut you.


The sweetest words you’ll ever read.


Freshers: You’ll think that the Copper Rooms are brilliant until you discover that there’s a club called Smack (heroin right, how edgy is that?!) and spend the next year religiously going there every Tuesday. And every Wednesday you’ll wake up with the most horrendous vodbull hangover vowing you won’t go next week.

Third year: You’ve already written off Leam’s clubs yet you’ll still be seen there most weeks. You’ll remember the glorious days when you used to be able to hop on the bus to go to Kasbah and eat hotdogs in the smoking area. And in your old age Evolve will always be called Evolve, not this ridiculous sounding Neon.

Your author on his dangerous journey...

Your author on his dangerous journey…

And there you have it, freshers. Don’t be too scared of what awaits you…