Warwick Rate Your Shag Gets Screwed

National campaign sees facebook pages taken offline as students’ sexual exploits are laid bare.

The controversial Warwick Rate Your Shag facebook page has been BANNED after a national campaign against online bullying on the popular yet morally dubious pages.

The concept was simple – send in messages rating a past or present lover’s skills in the boudoir out of ten, along with distinguishing details such as size, quirks and fetishes.

But now facebook has taken action and removed it and similar pages around the country.

Appearing to start at Newcastle University, the ‘trend’ of scoring sexual partners spread until it hit Warwick, of course desperate to join in.

Unfortunately, Warwick’s infamous lack of sexual activity meant it was hard to believe this page was going to be rammed with posts.

Rate Your Shag: does what it says on the tin...

Rate Your Shag: does what it says on the tin…

Some Warwick students were sceptical that the page would actually have any action on it. Second year English student Shannon Anstee said she imagined the page would be “incredibly dull and quite empty”.

But it appeared to flourish, gaining around 500 likes within 24 hours of its creation.

The page contained saucy posts about boys and girls alike, talking threesomes, anal, and one passionate monologue to one student from his own left hand.

However, some of these stories MAY have just been delusional fantasies of sex-starved students – it is Term Three after all…

50 Shades of Warwick?

50 Shades of Warwick?

The page, whose creator and moderator is still unknown, came under fire from the Warwick Anti-Sexism Society, which accused it of ‘slut-shaming’ – while the victims of posts were named for the world to see, the person who sent in the message was allowed to remain anonymous.

Second year Ella Smith said: “The pages seemed to put down both genders and were generally just insulting. I can’t believe people find that funny.”

With this constituting a breach of privacy, Facebook removed the page and others like it from different universities early this morning.

A slightly less flattering review

A slightly less flattering review

But with Warwick’s page in particular being an obvious joke, with most of the posts made up for humorous effect, was the page being taken down an overreaction? Accounting and Finance student Joe Richards, who was given a less than flattering review on the page, told The Tab: “I thought it was funny, and a majority of the posts on there were clearly made up.”

Ella Smith agreed that the posts at Warwick weren’t as big a deal as the ones at other universities, but suggested that maybe it was a case of nipping it in the bud. She said: “I’m sure the Warwick one would have eventually degraded to similar levels as we saw at other unis.”

Whatever the case, it seems students will have to find another outlet for their tragic attempts at erotic fiction for the time being…