Warwick defends noisy students

The uni hits back at locals moaning about noisy students.

When Cannon Park residents moaned about students making too much noise, we thought we’d be kicked out.

But, thankfully, uni chiefs have come to the rescue by defending students making noise.

The noisy area

At a rage-fuelled meeting attended by 100 angry people, locals said the estate has lost “all sense of balance,” accusing the uni of failing to provide enough housing of its own.

The main problems discussed included:

• Noisy late-night parties

• Litter

• Abandoned cars

• Discarded shopping trollies

“We are good neighbours,” is all Warwick’s spokesman Peter Dunn had to say on the matter.

According to Cannon Park Community Association stats, almost 25% of the 500 Cannon Park homes are student digs.

Peter Dunn: Our hero

But Dunn wouldn’t have it. “Over the last two years we have spent £50million building over 1,000 bedrooms on our own land,” he insisted.

“We do have six properties in the Cannon Park area which we lease from landlords and in turn rent to students, but we do not know what goes on in the private sector.”

Sadly, despite affirmation from noise control arbiter Dunn, residents signed a petition against converting a three-bed property in Lichen Green into a nine-bed student house.