Magnificent Modern Millie

The Tab’s take on MTW’s new show, ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’

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I would be lying if I said I wasn’t initially a bit worried about going to see Musical Theatre Warwick’s latest production, Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Watching musicals can be slightly scary. There is always a danger that something will go embarrassingly wrong…will someone’s voice falter? Will someone trip over? Will fire break out and we actually have to use those emergency exits everyone is always on about? It has every potential of turning into the sort of shoddy arrangement we were all forced to endure repeatedly throughout secondary school.

However, I am relieved to say MTW really pleasantly surprised me here. The quality of the show was  impressive, and they managed to produce a practically flawless two hours of entertainment, well worth the £10.50 ticket.

If you haven’t heard of the hilarious musical already, the plot revolves around innocent Millie Dillmount (Lottie Clitherow)’s move to New York in 1922, with nothing but a very ‘modern’ new haircut and ambition of marrying her way into money. However, as is life, she must deal with a few problems along the way – such as accidentally falling in love with a ‘poor’ man, or unwittingly checking into a hotel owned by a laughably fake Chinese woman supplying young girls to a sex slave ring in Hong Kong (don’t you just hate it when this happens!?).

Stealing the show is the brilliant Katie Lambert as Mrs Meers – the human trafficker – whose performance was never anything less than comic genius – every line delivered perfectly to the delight of the audience.

Showstopper: Katie Lambert as Mrs Meers. Photography by Peter Marsh at ashmorevisuals

Generally, none of the performances can really be faulted, but I feel the female roles really stole this show. Lottie Clitherow’s Millie was a wonderful lead, and Lauren Clarke took the whole crowd aback with the power of her voice as Muzzy. The quality of the dancing and singing for the most part vastly overshadowed that of the acting, but I feel this only added to the fun of the production. It’s lighthearted and truly put a smile on my face after a long day of seminars.

So, if you fancy some old fashioned fun in the form of a torrent of tap-dancing, stunning singing and truly hilarious performances, then this is a night you would be foolish to miss.

Directed by Beccy Ward.

Thoroughly Modern Millie is playing between the 20th and 23rd February in the Arts Centre. Tickets £13.50/£10.50 concessions.