Warwick Release Varsity Promo

The mind games begin.

coventry varisty warwick


In response to Team Phoenix’s not-so-terrifying show off video the 12-times champions hit back.

Boasting a vastly superior gene pool and natural athleticism Team Warwick are showing Coventry what real athletes look like in their promotional videos released last Friday.

After decisive wins last week by the Warwick’s American football and Basketball teams before Varsity has even begun, it is clear that Team Warwick is set to keep their undefeated record against the poly.

Varsity begins with the traditional ice hockey match at Planet Ice stadium on Monday 25th February.

Expect 2 weeks of banterific competition across all almost every sport, not to mention religious levels of rival hatred.

The events conclude on 9th March with Rugby League and Union at Butts Park Arena.

Remember, we go somewhere they don’t go: uni.