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SU Lock In returns on Tueday for a Halloween special!

I could throw up from the excitement

SU Tuesdays. Lock in. SUesdays.

That one night of the week in which people bumped into literally everyone they knew, and inevitably everyone they'd slept with. The drinks were cheap, the drama was real, and the doe eyed, barely turned legal freshers were out to smoke their first cigarette.

Mr Brightside blared as you filed out at the end of the night and undoubtably, you'd end up at a random friend-of-a-friend's flat in Wallscourt, wondering if you could manage it all again the following week.

Last year, our beloved LockIn was moved from a Tuesday night to a Saturday night. This caused a medium to large amount of upheaval because no one really likes change.

However, our woes have been addressed and Lock In is back for one night next week! The Halloween special promises "scarily good drinks deals and our incredible resident DJs, our unrivalled midweek night is #BackFromTheDead for a very special one off.

We have a BIG night for you coming up this Halloween. Drink deals, DJs and dancing all night – don't miss out on our spooky #SUesday.

Our resident DJs will be with us all night to bring you an amazing evening of tunes, drinks, and dancing – this is the perfect night to celebrate Halloween in true SU style. "

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Freshers this year wont have any idea of its significance, but us second and third years assure you, it'll get messy and it'll be cheap.

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It got heavy, and Maxx knew it firsthand

We're getting vivid flashbacks.

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Free entry before 11pm, and £2 after that. To guarantee entry, head over to the SU site to book tickets!

The Tab UWE will be there and sourcing out the best costumes – so dress to impress, b-witches.