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UWE’s Most Eligible Bachelorette : Round two

Who run the world? Girls

I bet you thought that we had forgotten right? After countless nominations for UWE's Most Eligible Bachelorette, we give to you Round 2! Compiling a list of UWE's most exquisite dame's hasn't been easy, that is why the choice on who gets crowned the winner is down to you.

So… who is it going to be? A die hard Gucci enthusiast ? A psychology fanatic who would give Sigmund Freud a run for his money? The best twerker in the South west? A sugar daddy hunter? A polaroid princess? or the vainest gal at UWE?

Do you have an above average friend that won't stop crying about being single? A hot super model BFFL? or a girl next door that can drink any guy under the table?

To nominate a mate (or even yourself), simply send a link of their profile to our Facebook page, and answer the following questions below.

Georgia McWilliam

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My sugar daddy took me to St Barths #soinlove

Year of study: Third year

Course: Law

Single for: 21 years ps. thirsty for a sugar daddy

Best chat up line : "Hey! You'll do!"

Phoebe Leigh

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This was the 78th photo taken that night

Year of study: 2nd year

Course: Marketing

Single for: 7 months

Best chat up line: "What's a smart, attractive young man like yourself, doing without my number?"

Martha Mukungurutse

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Blocking out da haters

Year of study: 2nd year

Course: Psychology

Single for: No boy has ever been good enough for this beauty lol

Best chat up line: "Your the wrap to my burrito without u, i would fall apart"

Tabitha McCallum

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Only wears Gucci

Year of study: 2nd year

Course: International business (so cultured)

Single for: 2 years

Best chat up line: "So, did you know I'm from Singapore?"

Mia Carey

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Paint me like one of your French girls

Year of study: 2nd year

Course: Photography

Single for: 1 year and a lil bit

Best chat up line: "Gwarn wid cha"

Bridgette Mpofu

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Moves to Bristol to escape her parents….never goes home

Year of study: Fresher

Course: Law

Single for: 6 months

Best chat up line: "Did you know that I am the best twerker in the South west?"