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Every type of housemate you’ll come across at uni (and after)

Tag yourself I’m the Drunk Aunt

Even though you live together, hang out together, grow together through your time at uni (and make some god-awful choices together), each of you within your flat are still individuals with your own quirks and personality traits.

Some great, some not so great, and some downright gross. You'll have been told affectionately by family that you're the good one, the tidy one, but now you've flown the nest and truly settled into uni life and the ensuing mess… which one are you really?

The Borrower

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“Hey can I borrow…” It starts with a bowl and a spatula and snowballs from there. Some items you’ll get back, some will magically reappear the day they move out, and some will never be seen again…

The Midnight DJ

Yeah I've got a song request it's called turn off ur bassline cos I've got a deadline x

You’ll find it quite cool to start off, they’re certainly great to have at flat parties, but when freshers dies down and deadlines kick in and they’re STILL playing drum and bass at 3am every morning, it can get a little tired.

The One Who Thinks Sainsbury's Is Slumming It

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Panic stations- they're out of cordial and rye bread, Ocado have cancelled the delivery slot and mummy's not picking up to lend the cash for a Waitrose trip. Looks like the only option is *shudder* J Sainsbury.

The One Who’s Always Out

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They boss pres, come alive in the dark, know every event in town and they’re never sober. You have no idea how they afford it or frankly have the energy. But you know there’s always a party wherever they’re headed.

The Super Chilled One

Taking procrastination to a whole new level, they always seem to be able to leave everything to the last minute, from essays, to cleaning, to calling their mum. Bedrooms may or may not feature a can of air freshener and deactivated smoke alarm.

The Mum

You know the one. Probably in charge of the bills, berates everyone for not tidying up after themselves, ends up doing most of the cleaning despite nagging. Always there to hold your hair back and stroke your back after you’ve made one too many bad decisions.

The Drunk Aunt

Like the Mum, only she’s the reason your hair needs holding back in the first place because she spent all night mixing you lethal drinks of vodka watered down with gin. Believes all hangovers are cured by putting more substances in your body.

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The Ghost

There's a toothbrush in the bathroom, food in their cupboard, and you hear their door go occasionally, so you know there's something living there… But you couldn't describe a single thing about them if someone asked.

The Shouty One


The Long Distance Relationship One

Whether it's a childhood sweetheart from back home, a soulmate they met on their Gap Yah, or someone from the internet they've never actually met, you can spot them glued to their phone, or cornering someone (anyone) to tell them allllll about their feels. And if the other half ever comes to visit, oh you'll know. Probably because it's all they've talked about for the past week.

The Mature Student

Whether they took a few years out or are fully into their retirement, they'll be up bright and early for every lecture and look worried if they see you wandering round in a daze when you should be doing the same . They probably have muesli before leaving too.